Diwali with Homeless Kids

Volunteers Celebrated Diwali with Homeless Kids in India ….

Thanks to our Volunteers Seema Mishra Bhatnagarr, Suman Sharma, Gee Mahesh, Achil Bhardwaj, Diwali-Celebration-with-Kids6Kishor Panikar , Jeen Varghese Pratik Tanna, Suhana Bhatia, Aishwarya Bhatnagar, Gargi Shukla Pathak, Ruby Saraf, Sudesh SarafPriti Priti Sehrawat, Ankit Mahajan, Neela Patel, Aslam Qureshi, Surender Mathur, Ashita Mathur, Namita Dogra,RJPunita , Ruchi Vijayvargia, VinitDiwali-Celebration-with-Kids1a Gulabani, Shikha Pandey Ajai Kumar for the help and Support in this great cause, we are teaming up with many like minded people from around the world. Join the Movement be a part of Change




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