iHope Sewa Organization Launched

iHope Sewa Organization is a Chicago based, humanitarian, nonprofit service organization registered under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3). Founded in 2016, iHope Sewa Organization is part of a n initiative started by Desi Junction Volunteers as Happiness Junction in 2015 , the movement that started in Oct 2015 with a small initiative of serving and feeding underprivileged kids and families.

Desi Junction worldwide radio station works on the principle that “happiness is only real when shared”. Because perceived needs and ability to address them determine each society’s range of welfare services, there exists no universal vocabulary of social welfare.

About-DJ-Strength-bannerOver 84,000 hungry stomachs were fed on Dusshehra, all thanks to the “Feed your neighbor” campaign. Inspired by the campaign, the Desi Junction team decided to ta ke an initiative with the vision of a Happy, Healthy and Creative Child whose rights are protected and honored in a society that is built on respect for dignity, justice and equality for all.

In the history of Desi Junction, we have done many things for the community, staff society, and promotion of talent. Today we are adding a new chapter in the book of Desi Junction. So we have joined hands with some like-minded volunteers around the world to give hope and fulfill dreams of underprivileged kids.

We specialize in disaster relief and rehabilitation. Our development programs focus on family services; child, tribal and refugee welfare; women empowerment; health; and education. In addition to the US, we conduct development projects in  South East Asia. Our volunteers are energetic, inspiring, selfless, and committed.


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