iCAN Nominations Open

At iCAN, we believe there’s a winner in each one of you!

Here are a few The Suggested Award Categories
Business Awards
  • 1.Best Innovator
  • 2.Best Entrepreneur
  • 3.Best Restaurant
  • 4.Best Chef
  • 5.Best Healthcare Provider
  • 6.Best Food Brand
Family Awards
  • 1.Best Wife – Biwi No 1
  • 2.Best Husband – Husband No 1
  • 3.Best Mother In Law – Saas No 1
  • 4.Best Father In Law – Bahu No 1
  • 5.Best Mother – Maa No 1
  • 6.Best Father – Bapu No 1
  • 7.Best Son – Beta No 1
  • 8.Best Daughter – Beti No 1
  • 9.Totally Filmi  Family
  • 10. Filmi  Saas/Sasur
Fashion Awards
  • 1.Fashion Icon Male
  • 2.Fashion Icon Female
  • 3.Best Dressed Male
  • 4.Best Dressed Female
  • 5.Youth Fashion Icon
Fun Awards
  • 1.Best Dreamer – Sheikh Chilli
  • 2.Unique Dressed – Albela
  • 3.Self Motivator – I Me Myself
  • 4.Best Trouble seeker – Aa Bail MujheMaar
  • 5.Abhi To Main Jawaan Hoon
Community Awards
  • 1.Best Volunteer
  • 2.Most Humble Person
  • 3.Best Community Promoter
  • 4.Most United Organization
  • 5.Most Social Family
Education Awards
  • 1.Student Of The Year
  • 2.Teacher Of The Year
  • 3.Young Achiever (Overall)
  • 4.High School Topper
  • 5.Higher Education Top Pick
Entertainment Awards
  • 1.Best Singer Male
  • 2.Best Singer Female
  • 3.Best Dancer Male
  • 4.Best Dancer Female
  • 5.Best Choreographer
  • 6.Best Disk Jockey
  • 7.Best Radio Show
  • 8.Best Entertainment Group
  • 9.Best Dance Group/Academy
  • 10.Best Theater Group
  • 11.Best Show Promoter Group
Group Awards
  • 1.Best Media Group
  • 2.Best Reporter
  • 3.Best Editor
  • 4.Best News Paper
  • 5.Best TV
  • 6.Best Radio
Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • 1.ICAN Community Leader
  • 2.ICAN Best Organization
  • 3.ICAN  Community Hero
  • 4.ICAN Woman of the Year
  • 5.ICAN Friend of India
  • 6.ICAN Senior of the Year
Social Media Awards
  • 1.Best WhatsApp Group
  • 2.Face of the Facebook Award
  • 3.Best Kitty Group
  • 4.Best Gossip Group
  • 5.Selfie Queen
  • 6.Drama Queen
  • 7.Best  Follower
  • 8.Social Media King
  • 9.Social Media Queen

14 thoughts on “iCAN Nominations Open

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  2. I’m nominating Payal Shah for best volunteer. She has been doing from last 10 years with full dedication. She is really humble and supporting volunteer in our Indian community. She deserves to win…..


  3. I’m nominating best radio show non another than The Desi Junction. I don’t have to say anything about this radio. Chicago knows! Every sat and sun 10am to 2pm on FB….. congrats in advance ;).


  4. Best dressed male I would love to say Sunil Shah. People has urge to knw about his secret fashion designer’s name…He is 60 but can’t even thnk about his age just bcoz his dressing style dude…..has to win


  5. I would like to nominate Mandeep for the best singer. The reason behind to chose him that can sing any pitch and any song. He has tremendous voice…no doubt!


  6. I’m nominating preeti pointdexter for fashion icon. She has unique dress style and hair do as well. She look stunning I’m every dress like Indian or western as well.


  7. Second nomination for best male singer award is Saarang Sane. He is sing like sonu nigam. He has a really good voice.


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