iCAN Best Dancer Award Criteria


This award will be given to the best Indian American Male and Female Dancer within Chicago / Midwest Area. Who has delivered an outstanding and versatile Dance Performances.


  • Must be 13 years or older, a person/group of Indian origin or associated with Indian community directly by providing significant contribution.
  • Who have collaborated with the dance sector over a sustained period (at least 3-10 years or more) in a dance-related field including (but not limited to) musical composition, lighting or costume or set design etc.
Nomination Criteria:
  • This award acknowledges outstanding service by professionals in area of Dance.
  • Have professionally learned classical dance
  • Have earned numerous certification and recognition from different events
  • Nominations may be from any dance style/genre.
  • Nominations may be for a specific performance.
Selection Criteria:

Nominee Selection will depend on the following factors:

  • Selection could be for a specific performance which has given him/her recognition
  • Have contribution to community by his/her dance performances
  • Media Presence (Internet/Print/Radio/Social Networking)
    • Instagram
    • Facebook Presence
    • Twitter Followers
    • YouTube
  • Street Buzz (People’s Choice, based on fan voting)
Key Highlights:
  • Earned recognition and achievements by performing at various events
  • Have made significant contribution in area of dance, teaching etc.
  • Why the nominee should be recognized with this award.
  • Key Qualities:  Commitment, Selfless Service, Team Player.

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2 thoughts on “iCAN Best Dancer Award Criteria

  1. My name is Hema shastri ISO for me self nomination is a dancer I am 60 years old and steel I am dancing and I gave a stage program every year in Indian seniors off Chicago group And F I A celebrate 26 January republic day state program also I participat


  2. My name is Hema Shastri. I would like to self nominate myself as a dancer. I am 60 years old and I love dancing. I give stage performances every year at community functions like a Indian Seniors of Chicago and FIA.
    I have been dancing for almost 40 years. Dancing is one of my other passions of life.


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