iCAN Best Dressed Female Award Criteria


The head turner, the fashionista, the ultimate name in style and dressing. One look, and you can’t help but appreciate how suave and charismatic she looks in that black evening gown. Yes, this is the award dedicated to the lady we all admire for her great sense of dressing.

  • Nominee must be 13 years or older, of Indian origin.
  • A person of non-Indian origin can be a nominee, if married to a person of Indian origin.
Nomination Criteria:
  • Nomination must be submitted online with a support video.
  • Must be endorsed by a minimum of five individuals.
  • The language used for the support video can be English or Hindi.
Selection Criteria:
  • Selection will be based on number of votes received online by a nominee.
  • The top 5 nominees will compete and a winner will be decided at the awards night.

While submitting a nomination, emphasize should be more on as to why the nominee deserves the award in the respective category. Relevant accomplishments with pictures, video, and web links will enhance the chances of being in the final run.

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