iCAN Young Achiever (Overall) Award Criteria


iCAN Youth Achiever award honors the young and enthusiastic individual who are an integral part of the Indian Community.

  • Must be of age 18 or less
  • Must be an individual who must have shown his/her unique attributes to achieve what others of his/her age has not done before.
  • Must be highly motivated and an example for the other youth of his age.
Nomination Criteria

To be considered for this award nominee must have made significant contributions towards the community. He could be a math expert, part of a soccer league or must be a social worker who enjoys putting extra hours helping others in need.

Selection Criteria:

Nominee Selection will depend on the following factors:-

  • Variety of Achievements (Arts, Entertainment, Education etc)
  • Biggest Accomplishment as a Young Achiever
  • Any contribution to the Indian community that encourages other youth of his age
  • Number of awards or recognitions received till date
  • How Good is the Nomination Supporting evidence (Pictures, Video, Write-up)
Key Highlights:
  • Key activities and achievements.
  • Why the nominee should be recognized with this award.
  • Key Qualities:  Youngster Role model, Young Leader, Positive attitude, Inspiring, Passionate, Inquisitive, Humble

Know Someone who fits this Criteria ? NOMINATE NOW


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