iCAN Best Community Promoter (Community Supporter) Award Criteria


This award honors the best known person, who has constantly made extraordinary efforts in helping the Indian community achieve good name in other American communities. The award also could be given if a person is good at promoting his/her community among other indian communities.

  • Must be a person 13 years or older, of Indian origin or associated with Indian community directly by providing significant contribution.
  • Person should have performed some good promotion work and have gone  out of his/her way to achieve certain goals to make a name of indian community outside or must have done good promotion work for his own community among indians.
Nomination Criteria
  • To be considered for this award nominee must have rendered outstanding promotion services for his own community or indian community as a whole.
Selection Criteria:

Nominee Selection will depend on the following factors:-

  • Years of promoting service for a renowned organization.
  • Variety of promotional channels used (Attending event, social media etc)
  • How many people recommend the Nominee
  • Biggest Accomplishment as a promoter
  • How Good is the Nomination Supporting evidence (Pictures, Video, Write-up)
Key Highlights:
  • Key promotion activities and achievements.
  • Why the nominee should be recognized with this award.
  • Key Qualities:  Commitment ,  Selfless Service, Team Player

Know Someone who fits this Criteria ?  Nominate Now


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