1] Can I nominate someone outside of Midwest region / Tri state area? Can I nominate someone in India?

Answer:  Yes , as long as the person has worked for Indian American Community in the Midwest Region.

2] Can I nominate one person for more than one category?

Answer:  Yes , as long as the person meets the Nomination guidelines for that category/Award.

3] Does my nomination need a video to qualify or I can simply fill out a form?

Answer:  No Nominations don’t need to have a video. In certain cases the Nominee must submit proof of their eligibility to the Jury/Voters which can be any of the following :-  videos, pictures, document, testimony  or certificates.

4] How will I find out how many votes my nominee got so far?

Answer:   The Voting is secret , the numbers/percentages will be revealed only at the Awards Night. Moreover Only voting will not determine a winner, apart from voting the Awards  Judging Panel will look at the proofs and cast their special votes.  

After the Top 5 Nominees are officially selected by iCAN  Committee  , Voting links will be publised on www.icanaward.com and on iCAN Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/iCanAwards/

5] What if I do not have a Twitter or Facebook account, can I still keep up to date with the statistics and my nominations?

Answer:  You can keep yourself updated on www.icanaward.com

6] What are the various nomination criteria for each category listed?

Answer:   Please visit https://icanaward.com/icanawards/award-categories/  and click on the award to read Nomination Eligibility Criteria

7] How can I cast my vote?

Answer : When the voting opens on Feb 14th 2017 , there will be dedicated Voting page on http://www.icanaward.com

8] What can I do to increase my nominees chances of winning?

Answer : A Nominee can increase the chances of winning by doing following:-

  • The Nominee is recommended by a another person.
  • The Nomination is supported by Pictures, Videos and Good reasoning.
  • The Nomination is Liked and commented by More People on Social Media

9] Can voting be done from any location or only Chicago based?

Answer : Your Voting can be done from any location. Remember winner will not be decided by just voting , it will be the combination of Voting and Jury Review.

10] How is the selection process: jury or public voting?

Answer : The Award recipient selection will be the combination of Public Voting and Jury Review.

11] What is the deadline for nominations and results?

Answer :

  • The iCAN Nominations will close on January 31st 2017 –  Midnight.
  • TOP 5 iCAN Nominees will be announced on February 12th.
  • iCAN Award Winners will be announced on March 18th.

12] Will the nominee details like name, address, facebook profile and contact  be visible or shared with the public?

Answer :  Only Name will be shared, other personal information  will not be shared.

13] Is it required for the winner to be physically present on the March 18th, 2017?

Answer :  We prefer all the TOP 5 Nominees to be present because it’s not about winning it is about participating. But if someone is unable  to attend for certain unforeseen circumstances then the Nominee must inform the iCAN Awards Team .

14] Is there a phone number or email for inquiries on ICAN ?

Answer :  Please use https://icanaward.com/contact/ , the concerned iCAN Team will contact you.   You can also Call : 1-(708) 512-ICAN (4226)

15. What is the dress code for the Awards Ceremony?
Answer : The official dress code is black tie; and ladies imagine you are going to the FlimFare/Oscars dress to impress because we will be rolling the red carpet out.

16. What about sponsorship?
If you are interested in sponsoring the awards please contact us. We have various options available and we can also create a custom package to suit your needs.

17. How many awards categories are there?
There are 8  categories and almost 50 Awards.

Note: The Categories, Awards & Eligibility Criteria is subject to change .


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