iCAN Student of the Year Award Criteria


This award honors the best student, who has constantly made extraordinary efforts in academic, sports and participated in various different programs conducted by the school district.

Eligibility :

Must be a 13 years or older student of  Indian origin or associated with Indian community directly. Student should have performed exceptionally well in the academic year and should have proved himself/herself to be an all rounder in the school performance.

Nomination Criteria :

To be considered for this award, nominee must have performed exceptionally well in the academic area as well as sports and other extra curricular.

Selection Criteria:

Nominee Selection will depend on the following factors:-

  • Performance in the academic year, Sports and other extra co-curricular activities
  • How many people recommend the Nominee
  • Biggest Accomplishment as a Student
  • How Good is the Nomination Supporting evidence (Pictures, Video, Write-up)
Key Highlights:
  • Key Student  activities and achievements.
  • Why the nominee should be recognized with this award.
  • Special mention who have received any letter of recommendation, have volunteered in any organisation, have received any scholarships.
  • Key Qualities:  Academic performance, sports involvements, other extra curricular activities

Know Someone who fits this Criteria ? NOMINATE NOW


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