iCAN Social Media King Award Criteria


Description :

This Award will be given to the best Indian American social media king within Chicago / Midwest Area who is very famous among people and always on Social Media.

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The winning King and Queen will be invited on stage to accept the award!

  • Must be 13 years or older person of Indian origin or associated with Indian community directly by providing significant contribution.
  • Is always uploading New Activities in daily or weekly life
  • Is very active in all forms of Social Media like Facebook, Instagram with stories, whatsapp Group
  • Updates his /her activities by uploading pictures/Selfies
Nomination Criteria:
  • Posting new activities on a daily basis
  • Posting new Pictures on a Daily basis
  • Tagging all friends for each event
  • Obsessed with selfies and his/her own stories
Selection Criteria:
  • Media Presence (Internet/Print/Radio/Social Networking)
    • Instagram
    • Facebook Presence
    • Digital Download Services (if they have recorded songs)
    • Twitter Followers
    • YouTube
  • Street Buzz (People’s Choice, based on fan voting)
Key Highlights:
  • Why should the nominee be nominated?
  • Key Qualities

Know Someone who fits this Criteria ? NOMINATE NOW


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