iCAN Social Media Queen Award Criteria



This Award will be given to the best Indian American social media queen within Chicago / Midwest Area who is very famous among people and always on Social Media.

Image result for social media queen

The winning King and Queen will be invited on stage to accept the award!

  • Must be a 13 years or older person of Indian origin or associated with Indian community directly by providing significant contribution.
  • Is always uploading New Activities in daily or weekly life
  • Is very active in all forms of Social Media like Facebook, Instagram with stories, whatsapp Group
  • Updates his /her activities by uploading pictures/Selfies
Nomination Criteria:
  • Posting new activities on a daily basis
  • Posting new Pictures on a Daily basis
  • Tagging all friends for each event
  • Obsessed with selfies and his/her own stories
Selection Criteria:
  • Media Presence (Internet/Print/Radio/Social Networking)
    • Instagram
    • Facebook Presence
    • Digital Download Services (if they have recorded songs)
    • Twitter Followers
    • YouTube
  • Street Buzz (People’s Choice, based on fan voting)
Key Highlights
  • Why should the nominee be nominated?
  • Key Qualities

Know Someone who fits this Criteria ? NOMINATE NOW

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