iCAN Best Community Promoter

iCAN Best Community Promoter


16 thoughts on “iCAN Best Community Promoter

  1. Swapna Reddy Pula a warm and friendly person.. she mingles well with all and can bond with strangers instantly.. truly an asset to the community..


  2. Best person is Swapna pula she is very Gd persn and very nice obident to each and every one she is capable for best promoting


  3. Swapna pula is a very trust worthy person and she is very beneficial to the community in all ways … she is very energetic too .


  4. Swapna Reddy pula my dearest sister the first thing that comes to my mind is her smile and the way she talks and helps everyone.. She participates very actively in all the events truely a great person for Community…


  5. Chandini the rockstar!!havent seen anyone else with such passion, dedication and yet so humble!! U r the best in anything u do gal!! Keep rocking!


  6. Swapna garu is very friendly and helpful to community. She puts great efforts to help people and her communication, coordination and cooperation helped our major event to bring thousands of people and made event grand success


  7. Swapna pula is one of my best friends, she is simply amazing. She has got lots of patience and a great smile.
    Love u girl. Actually all the awards should be for u just u.


  8. Swapna pula is enjoys spending her time for the good of the soceity. She actively volunteers in many service organizations and spends lot of time and energy in the activities they take up. With her dedication and sincerity she stands out as a role model for many and as a true community promotor.


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