Most Humble Person

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18 thoughts on “Most Humble Person

  1. Swapna Pula is a very good person with a very beautiful heart. She is only one of her kind with lots of goodness inculcated. She is the most caring, humble , down to earth person I have ever known and I am forever grateful to have such an amazing friend. She deserves the Best !!!


  2. Swapna pula is a very nice person to know, she is so lively and always ready to help. Around her everyone feels very comfortable.
    She makes everyone feel at home in her company. Glad to have known her.


  3. At such a young age, Sweta has accomplished many incredible feats; though you will never hear her tell you this herself. Whether it’s having been prom queen, inspiring children of all ages with her dance classes, or dancing on the grandest of stages; she will always downplay her triumphs and highlight her counterparts. Thanks to ICAN, there is finally a platform where she can be recognized her for a trait that she possesses and has exemplified throughout her life. I vote Sweta for most humble person!


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