iCAN Awards 2017

Rolling Meadows, IL — Indian American Community Stars flared up the red carpet on 1st iCAN awards night on march 18.
iCAN Finale Night was a dazzling affair as the crème-de-la-crème of Chicagoland added to the glamour quotient and made it a memorable evening. The event started with red carpet welcome for all the iCAN nominees. The scene at Meadows club was nothing less than any film award night. All the nominees and their families were specially treated as heroes for that evening.
The iCAN Awards Night was launched in association with Star Plus & Life OK, 2 of the leading TV channels along with 40+ local sponsors.
The evening celebrated the achievements of real community heroes with much fanfare and spirit. The show saw some of the most prolific personalities from Chicago’s Indian American political, social, business and entertainment community walk in along with 200-plus award nominees.
Amid fabulous performances, entertainment and glamour, iCAN honored the contributions of these community heroes by giving away its 1st iCAN Trophies to the most deserving social workers, community leaders, and performers across various categories.
With about 700 nominations in various categories and over 100,000 votes, the event had all the trappings of the world-famous Academy Awards. The electrifying performance of 150 artistes was an icing on the cake.
The presence of the 40 generous sponsors was a great morale booster for all those who were associated with the conceptualization and execution of the whole event. Neeta Bhushan, Consul General of India in Chicago, who was the chief guest at the event, had great appreciation for the high-profile event which, she said, reminded her of the Oscars.
The event, which was a star-studded affair, had all the looks of the world-famous Academy Awards. The evening had it all from the Red Carpet to the interviews of the top-listed nominees, with a special social hour to interact with gorgeous people all around surrounded by yummy appetizers to start and then the show began.

Many nominees were heard saying that they felt like a star. Jassi Parmar and Mohan Rawat, the very versatile and highly-talented emcees, made the evening a memorable experience for the audience.
The award show felicitated people from the Chicagoland’s Indian community, who have done a remarkable job in their field and have served as an inspiration to others.
A total of 38 awards were presented in the field of dance, music, community, health, performing arts et al. The event was lit with vibrant performers, a total of 108 to be exact.
“I have been to a lot of community events, but have never witnessed an award show of this magnitude”, opined the audience unanimously.
The awards ceremony started with presenting Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Bharat Barai-Panna, who is a very eminent Indian community leader and recipient of the Indian President award.
Barai thanked and complimented the iCAN team for encouraging all the young talent in the community and added that he donated his time, talent, and money and considered it as a blessing of the almighty.
Dr. Deepak Kant Vyas, chairman & CEO of Redberri Corporation, was awarded with Special Jury Award.
He referred to the following famous quote of Ethel Percy Andrus: “What I spent is gone; what I kept, I lost; but what I gave away, will be mine forever”.
Harold D’Souza was awarded with iCAN Humanitarian Services Award.
“Humanitarian service is the service to the God and it is a reward in itself. One should keep serving the society irrespective of any appreciation”, said D’souza and added that the awards night is much better than IIFA”.
The Pride of Community Award went to Sonal Rawal. The winner of the Best Community Promoter Award was Dr. Uma Katiki. The awards night continued with Best Restaurant Award–and the winner for the award was Cuisine of India–Rahul Sehgal.
The Best Chef award was given to Chef Raghu Singh from India House. The Community Health and Fitness award was bagged by Vidya Nahar. iCAN Friend of India was Mayor Bill McLeod from Hoffman Estates. He said he is very proud and humbled to receive this award on behalf of the people of Hoffman Estates.
The Lifetime Achievement Award 2 for Outstanding Humanitarian Service was presented to Satnam Singh Aulakh. He said that the event is professionally conceived and efficiently delivered.
“I have never witnessed before in Chicago an event of this magnitude”, he added.
The iCAN Jury Award 2 was presented to Ami Patel. Best Entrepreneur Female was Dr. Anuja Gupta, Fashion Icon Female was awarded to Aishwarya Sharma. iCAN Jury Award 2 for Outstanding Community Service was presented to Hemangini Shastri, iCAN Youth Achiever Award was awarded to Saloni and Savani Nagarkar sisters that teach kids about coding.
The Youth Icon Award was won by Suhanee Patel. The Student of the Year Award winner was Nipun Dubey iCAN Jury Award 3, Young Achiever award was presented to Roni Akurati.
Best Singer Male was Mandeep Singh Saini, Best Singer Female was Nipa Shah, Best Volunteer award winner was Rajeev Bharel, and Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Senior Service was Hari Patel.
Best Dancer Female was Kajol Topiwala, Best Choreographer was Sweta Bhagwakar, Best Entrepreneur Male was Rahul Wahi, Best Innovator was Anil Oroskar. Lifetime Achievement Award 4 for Outstanding Community Service was Jayantilal Thakkar.
Best Performing Artiste was awarded to Ashley Singh, Most Emerging Personality winner was Natasha Trikha. Fashion Icon Male was Syed Hussaini. Most Humble Person was Swapna Pula.
Social Media King winner was Noman Khan, Social Media Queen was Farah Khan, Best wife Biwi No 1 winner was Farhana Bukhari, Best Couple Jodi No 1 winner was Puneet and Sim Sabarwal. Best Show Promoter Group was SAHIL and LA TAN.
Best Dance Group/ Academy was Kalashree Dance Academy. Best Community Leader was awarded to Moon Khan. Best Community Organization was Blind Foundation for India. iCAN Jury Award for Best Community volunteer Organization was Sant Nirankari Mission, Chicago.
The iCAN 2017 ended on a very high note as local talent groups enthralled and mesmerized audience with their scintillating entertainment. The overjoyed audience left no stone unturned in cheering for their favorites at the awards night extravaganza.
In the midst of a high-energy event, the audiences also got a chance to hear some anecdotes/ powerful notes from distinguished members of the iCAN executive team. While the stage was completely taken over by entertainment par excellence, the nominees came in their best red carpet outfits to dazzle as they patiently answered media questions.The Leadership of iCAN which include Ravi Rawat, Jassi Parmar, Sanjeev Singh, Rita Singh, Bhavesh Patel, Neil Khot, Girish Kapoor and Nilesh Topiwala thanked all the guests, volunteers, sponsors, and community leaders who attended the event.
They also promised to present the next edition of the iCAN awards night with a big bang. The enthusiastic participation of the audience, numbering over 1,000 from all walks of life, added great value to the thundering success of the awards night.


Award Winners

S.No. Award Category Winner

1 Best Chef :  Raghu Singh

2 Best Choreographer : Sweta Bhagwakar

3 Best Community Leader : Moin Moon Khan

4 Best Community Organization : Blind Foundation of India

5 Best Community Promoter : Dr. Uma Katiki PhD

6 Best Couple-Jodi No.1 :  Puneet Walia & Sim Sabharwal

7 Best Dance Group/Academy :  Kalashree Dance Academy

8 Best Dancer Female:  Kajol Topiwala

9 Best Entrepreneur Female : Anuja Gupta

10 Best Entrepreneur Male : Rahul Wahi

11 Best Innovator :  Anil Oroskar

12 Best Performing Artist : Ashley Singh

13 Best Restaurant : Cuisine of India

14 Best Show Promoter : SAHIL & LA TAN

15 Best Singer Female : Nipa Shah

16 Best Singer Male :  Maddy Singh

17 Best Volunteer : Rajeev Bharel

18 Best Wife – Biwi No.1 :  Farhana Bukhari

19 Community Health & Fitness : Vidya Nahar

20 Fashion Icon Female : Aishwarya Sharma

21 Fashion Icon Male : Syed Hussaini

22 Friend of India : Mayor Bill McLeod

23 Humanitarian Service :  Harold D’Souza

24 Most Emerging/Promising Personality:   Natasha Trikha

25 Most Humble Person : Swapna Pula

26 Pride of Community : Sonal Rawal

27 Social Media King:  Noman Khan

28 Social Media Queen:  Farah Khan

29 Student of the year: Nipun Dubey

30 Young Achiever Savni : Nagarkar & Saloni Nagarkar

31 Youth Icon : Suhanee Patel


Special Jury Awards

  1. Sant Nirankari Mission – Special Jury Award for Outstanding Organization
  2. Ami Patel- Jury Award for iCAN Pink Power
  3. Deepak Kant Vyas – Outstanding Jury Award for Pride of Community
  4. Hemangini Shashtri – Outstanding Jury Award for Community Service
  5. Roni Akurati – Outstanding Jury Award for Young Achiever


Lifetime Achievement Awards

  1. Jayanti Lal Thakkar – Outstanding Community Service
  2. Satnam Singh Aulakh – Outstanding Humanitarian Service
  3. HariBhai  Patel – Outstanding Senior service
  4. Dr. Bharat Barai – Outstanding Community Leader