Award Categories

Business Awards –
Community Awards –
Education Awards –
Entertainment Awards –
Family Awards –  (SPECIAL VOTING )
Fashion Awards -(Must Submit Video and or Pictures)
Lifetime Achievement Awards –
  1. ICAN  Role Model (Hero)
  2. ICAN Woman of the Year
  3. ICAN Friend of India
  4. ICAN Senior of the Year
Social Media Awards – (Voting on Social Media only)

5 thoughts on “Award Categories

  1. Hema Shashtri has always been a very bubbly
    & enthusiastic volunteer to help seniors from
    every group & she extends her help with no
    expectation of any favors whatsoever which
    reflects truly helping nature.


  2. I am nominate ” Hema Shastri” for women of the year because she is the India’s first woman celected in para chute training. After six month training, she completed five jump with para chute 32 thousand. She awarded para wing on successful completion of five mandatory para jump. She awarded by
    ” H K Bakhshi ”
    Also she Did mountary camp. She was voliball Champlain too.


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