Nomination & Selection Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any person above the age of 13 is eligible to be nominated as long as his/her service was towards the Indian/American  Community.
  • Any person who has made significant contribution in the field of Arts, Academics, Community Service, Humanitarian Aid,  Professional Services , Technical field etc.
  • The iCAN Executive Board and certain team volunteers are not eligible to be nominated.

Types of Nominations

  • There are 2 Types of Nominations , you can Self Nominate yourself or nominate someone else who you believe deserve to get recognized.
  • Self-Nomination: Where an individual can nominate himself/herself.
    • An individual can also self-nominate himself and herself by uploading his Picture/Audio/Video/Write-up .
  • Third Party Nominations: Where a one person can nominate another person / Organization
    • Any person can nominate other community Members or organizations via Facebook at or by filling online nomination form.
  •  Note: There is a limit on Maximum Nominations by each individual and family.

Selection Criteria

Chances of Nominee Selection are higher if :
  • The Nomination is submitted by non-related party/individual.
  • The Nominee is recommended by a another person.
  • A person receiving three or more nominations .
  • The Nomination is supported by Pictures, Videos and Good reasoning
  • The Nomination is Liked by More People on Social Media

The iCAN Team reserves the right to modify the rules of at any time.